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GPT Replacement

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General Purpose Terminal Replacement- includes base unit, 2 Serial and 1 Parallel ports,  keyboard, mouse, 2 x 9 to 25 pin adapters, and VESA bracket and 21.5" flat panel monitor, sold with 1 year RTB warranty,

This unit is BTO please send your requirement and we'll quote ETA, normally can be delivered within 2-3 days.

P.S. This item is BTO therefore non-refundable,  

User Guide

Keyboard:  Standard PC 102 Keys

Ports: Serial, Parallel, and VGA

General Purpose Terminal Emulations/ Personalities

Adds A2                                  TVI 920

AIXTerm                                 TVI 925

TVI 950                                   TVI 950

TVI 955                                   TVI 955

Ansi BBS                                 UNISYS T27

AT386                                     VIEW DATA 40

ATT 4410                                VIEW DATA 80                                 

BQ 3107                                  VIEW DATA SPLIT  

DG 410/412                             VT PCTerm

HP 700_92/96                         VT HP200

HZ 1500                                  VT100

IBM 3151                                VT100+          

IBM 3270                                VT500 7 BIT  

IBM 5250                                VT500 8 BIT

MDI P12/P8                            VT52  

MDI Prism-9                            VT-UTF8                   

Prime PT250                            WY370                       

ScoConsole                              WY50 

Siemens 97801                         WY-50+

Stratus V102                            WY60 

TA6530                                   WYSE PCTerm

TVI 910                                               

Modern replacement solution for environments that depend on general purpose terminals or dumb terminals.

The General Purpose Terminal Replacement is a proven device based on thin client technology meant to be a reliable and flexible solution for an environment that depends on RS232 text terminals. It comes with everything necessary to replace a text terminal.