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From our email account


I have raised a PO today, which you will receive shortly. The delivery address is Bridal Path in Leeds and your contact will either be me or one of the team above. Thanks

Thank you for the collaboration and professionalism shown

we ask what price you can make and keep for n. 35 pcs of Dell Wyse 5070 Thin OS Celeron 16GF / 4G V5H37 code, which we could order with delivery for 15/07/22. On this occasion, I inform you that tomorrow I will finish working here, since I will soon reach the retirement requirements

"Still a fantastic price and service"

Your advice on the USB sticks was correct too, we used a new stick and was able to image the old C90LE7 absolutely fine.

Thank you frank,

really appreciate that & pleasure doing business with you.

Sammi Grimshaw

Thank you Frank! I received today and they look perfect.

Chas Caplinger

Manager, IT Operations

Ok Frank,

Thanks very much. I can say I am very happy so far, these are such good bits of kit, no marks so far, I have only opened one from this batch but the first one we tried, so good hence why we bought 5 more. There may be more as well. Thanks for speedy delivery!

Kind Regards

Adam Mulley

Good morning Frank,

We are very happy with the service provided and intend to continue to use West Tech in future.

You managed to repair 3 of our units in half the time of our previous suppliers and for a third of the cost.

Thank you all very much.

Leum Dunn

Many Thanks Frank

On a personal level I hope things do not change too much the service you have given us over the years has been excellent

Keith Cheshier

As always many thanks for your brilliant & quick support

Jonathan Marshall

Thanks again

(and again and again) for you cooperation, it’s a pleasure dealing with you.

Sara Colombo

Hi Frank,

Thanks for clearing up that invoice query.

Those last C90LEW models have went in and are working well...

Paul says to pass on his thanks for helping solve that situation.

Roger Kelly

I did Sir,

Thank you very much for all your hard work.



Hi Frank,

Indeed I did receive an email from you on the 4th of May. It must have not caught my attention because it only said from FRANK and Order 1921. I appreciate your following up on this and actually processing the order so quickly.



I am very happy to accept the 9150SE unit in exchange for the other 2

and thank you for your very prompt and professional service.

I will continue to use your service for any Wyse terminals required and will be sure to recommend you to others.

Paul Wilson

Hiya Frank!

You are spot on mate!

PO for 20 to follow!


Meurig Evans

Superb, thanks Frank,

received them at 7.30 this morning!


Fabulous thanks Frank – they have just arrived.

We really appreciate your help in getting this kit to us so promptly


Kim Johnstone

Thanks Frank

I'll keep an eye out for it.

So far we're delighted with the Wyse units.


Hi Frank,

That’s brilliant thank you kindly. Received without a hitch.

Kind Regards,


Hi Frank,

Yes I did thank you kindly applying to our provisioning server to test now- will let you know.

As always many thanks for your brilliant & quick support.



Great job

Excellent thanks

John smith

Thank you Frank,



Hi Frank,

Response submitted and thanks again for the excellent service on this product.


James Hannaway

Hi Frank

many thanks Sir

speak to you soon

hope you have a lovely evening, nice to doing business with you again

thank you for all your help

Many thanks,

Imran Khan

Hi Frank

A great job. Many thanks

Kind regards


Ian King


You sir, are a legend.

Of course mate, you’re the first port of call for anything Wyse……



Thank you Frank, excellent as usual!

Received and working have a great weekend, you are a star!

Gordon Maclean

Many thanks for the prompt resolution.

In light of that, there will be further orders in the future.

Dervla Carty

Hi Frank,

I already received the order with the new Wyse, work fine like always. Send me the invoice please.




I have recommended you to my IT support company Infinity Business Solutions so if they contact you soon you know why!



Thank you. This will mean a lot to me and to our company.

Best regards / Med venlig hilsen

Claus Kvolsgaard

Thanks for dealing quickly for me without any fuss! I appreciate it

Chris Thompson

You helped us run an amazing set up very cost effectively for a long time

Chris O'Reilly

Hi Frank,

Thanks for all your help with this. We were pleasantly surprised by the excellent condition of the units.


The testing has gone brilliantly, all our slow DHCP lookup issues have gone.

I’ve used the details supplied and registered to access the maintenance downloads.

Andy O'Brien

Awesome – thank you Frank for confirming.

Kind regards,

Andrew Millyard

Hi Frank,

This is great news, It has been good to see a good service

Look forward to more business with you

Alfred Villanueva

Hi Frank,

That’s brilliant, thank you very much for sorting this so quickly

Kind regards,

Alexandra Malam

Thanks Frank, appreciate your prompt service as always!

Kind Regards,

Richard Frederick.

Hi Frank,

That seems to have worked, bit of a strange one but glad its working now, thanks for your help.


Jordan Harper

Hello Frank

Juste to let you know that the equipements was delivered and all is ok

Perfect and thanks

I keep your company details for future

Best regards


Thanks Frank

Excellent service as always